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Step 3 — “Whooosh” — Interview By Dean Wilson, The Good Life

Check out this podcast with Dean asking about the pivotal moments in my recovery journey

“Let’s grab coffee,” I said to Dean Wilson of The Good Life TV Show and podcast as well as President of The Turner Foundation. Instead, he put me on his podcast, which was an honor and a thrill.

During this interview, Dean manages to reveal some of the most pivotal moments in my life, and recovery journey — from how I got started ghostwriting to overcoming 35 years of a hiding a secret addiction. Listen here. This includes the moment I arrived at Step 3 of the famous 12-Steps when I felt “Whooosh,” a flood of clarity.

Dean interviews all kinds of wonderful guests — from Jerry West to Kirk Cameron, along with a few of my favorite people like Westmont College’s legendary basketball coach John Moore. Click below to catch more of his Good Life podcast.

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