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Self Published

“A self-published author asserts personal power to create the most compelling chapters inside of their own life story.” - James McPartland

I appreciated this wisdom so much, I asked long-time friend, mentor and overall superman to allow me and my audience to read about how to become the author of your life and self-publishing your story. Thank you, Mac!

Originally published here, August 31, 2021 by James McPartland

When we take 100% responsibility for how we experience life, we become creators, empowered to bring forth the life we want to live. A self-published author is someone who is future-focused and gifted through the lessons of the past. An architect of possibility, such an individual will use his or her power for creativity instead of drama, consciously choosing where to place their energy. By demonstrating a willingness to release any attachment to being right, self-published authors engage in the game of life with a spirit of ease and playfulness.

Moving forward in spite of their own fears and anxiety, these individuals are comfortable with the unknown and consistently search for options instead of looking for others to blame. With an understanding that it is more important to question their answers than to have answers for their questions, they are willing to challenge their own beliefs, versus defending them. To that end, and to further broaden their knowledge, they practice arguing the opposite of what they have known to be true.

In a quest to fulfill their own dreams, self-published authors approach life with a philosophy that it is not important to get things perfect, only to get them going. Uniquely, they look at their life results as a testament to what they are truly committed to. And in the face of unfavorable outcomes– these self-publishers acknowledge that they may have been unconsciously committed to exactly what they got.

If you are interested in becoming “self-published”, consider the following questions:

  • Are you willing to take 100% responsibility for the circumstances of your life?
  • Are you open to develop a higher sense of self-awareness, seeing curiosity as a path to personal growth?
  • Can you commit to a life of integrity whereby you honor your word by keeping each and every promise that you make or doing everything you can to make amends for the ones you break?
  • Are you prepared to fully express your gifts, also known as your genius and superpower?
  • Will you commit to engaging in life in a way that supports hard work as much as play, rest, and renewal?
  • Will you endeavor to speak what is true for you and invite others to speak to you with what is true for them?
  • Are you open and ready to end gossip, and speak directly to anyone with whom you have an issue, encouraging others to do the same?

Using the elongated titles below as placeholders and ideas, consider the key points developing in the chapters of your evolving, self-published story:

  • How I discovered my greatest gift and endeavoring to make an impact on the planet by executing my life assignment?
  • How I am making this world a little bit better each day by having been born into it?
  • Wisdom gained: What I know now that I wish would have been taught to me when I was a young child?
  • My favorite failures: The setbacks that have taught me the most about life and myself?
  • How I came to understand to find that life is a team sport: The art of cultivating relationships?
  • How I came to know the importance of choosing to be 100% responsible to everything in my life?
  • Why being happy is so much more fun than being right?

A self-published author is an empowered soul who believes that life is consistently providing learning opportunities that do not need to be controlled or resisted. Becoming self-published requires taking full ownership of life’s circumstances, and allowing others to be responsible to theirs. Self-published authors feel all feelings, practice gratitude, maintain an abundant mindset, see others as teachers, and commit to being either a solution or a resolution. They see what is missing in the world as an invitation to either rise to the occasion, or at least fully engage with others who are able and willing to best fulfill the need.

Equipped with a passion for learning, self-published authors perceive themselves as co-creators of all of life’s events, understanding their own role in each of them. They have frequent states of present-moment experiences, where nothing triggers or causes them to react. They are able to separate fact from story, masterfully maintaining a dance with fear– seeing it as a form of energy, essential to the creative process. With each new chapter they write, they remind themselves that fear means they are moving into new territory, developing a heightened awareness of what is really needed.

When we claim our personal power, we possess the ability to architect compelling stories in our lives. We become self-published, raising ourselves, our families, our organizations, and our communities to access new heights of achievement and abundance. If you really think about it, it’s just the responsible thing to do.

James McPartland | Author, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach
James McPartland
Mindshift Coach | Author
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