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…a full, all inclusive approach to the management of sports-related concussions.

Dr. Alan Ashare, USA Hockey, Board of Director

Want to enjoy sports but need answers about concussions? A new field of medicine is emerging, Concussion-ology, and it has massive consequences on the health and welfare of athletes’ livelihood. This guidebook provides basic training for athletes, parents and coaches as well as more in-depth training of concussions for athletic trainers, and other medical professionals.

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In Concussion-ology, Dr. Harry Kerasidis:

  • Outlines his own clinical-caliber concussion protocol
  • Reveals who is more vulnerable to concussions
  • Gives requirements for concussion baseline tests
  • Provides neurological basics about the brain, injury and behavior
  • Offers practical steps to handling concussions, and more


“…a full, all inclusive approach to the management of sports related concussions.”

— Dr. Alan Ashare, USA Hockey, Board of Director

“Dr. Kerasidis is … forward-thinking … intellectually brilliant. This book is a reflection of that genius: straightforward, smart and leading-edge.”

— Erin Sharoni, National TV Sports Personality

“Dr. Kerasidis explains the brain in user-friendly terms, including how it functions normally and how it responds in concussion. This book is a clear call to action for players, parents, coaches, and loved ones.”

 — Theodore Henderson, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist

“Dr. Kerasidis expertise in concussions and concussion management has taught me what I need to know and helped me become a better athletic trainer…and implement a first class concussion management program.”

— Stephanie Guzzo, Athletic Trainer

About The Author

Cognitive neurologist Harry Kerasidis, M.D. has a distinguished career helping the public, scholars and medical professionals understand the link between the physiology of the brain and behavior. He is the Founder of Chesapeake Neurology Associates in Maryland and at Calvert Memorial Hospital, he serves as the Medical Director for the Center for NeuroscienceSleep Disorders Center and Stroke Center. He is also a regular contributor to Psychology Today and Athletic Business magazines.

Known as the “Brain Doctor,” Dr. Kerasidis is one of only a few elite neurologists in the world specializing in the impairment of cognitive and emotional performance resulting from concussions. He co-founded XLNTbrain LLC after 25 years studying the changes of the electrophysiology of the brain as it relates to behavior, cognitive function and emotional function resulting from various brain trauma, including concussions.

Dr. Kerasidis has treated hundreds of concussion injuries in his practice as well as patients with a variety of cognitive and behavioral disorders including memory loss, sleep deprivation, ADD, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and traumatic brain injury.

Through his experience, Dr. Kerasidis noticed existing concussion baseline testing lacked critical cognitive measures. So he created and began using his own baseline assessment, acute management and recovery care plan, which has been incorporated into XLNTbrain Sport’s complete concussion management program for all sports and levels.


  • Licensed to practice medicine in the States of Maryland, and Virginia.


  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • American Board of Sleep Medicine
  • Diplomat, National Board of Medical Examiners
  • Biofeedback International Certification Alliance


  • American Academy of Neurology
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • International Society for Neuronal Regulation
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