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Often the best way to get started is to speak directly with me so I can ask about your book, plans and stumbling blocks and give recommended next steps. I’d be glad to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call to identify your pathway to publishing for your message so you can build credibility, boost your business and achieve your goal of publishing your way to greater profits.

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In my case, I will elevate your writing, help you achieve your goal of being published, and help boost your business profits in the process. I’m a professional ghostwriter having worked with five New York Times best-selling authors and more than 100 others.

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A huge thanks for everything you have done!

Dr. Mike Dow, NY Times best-selling author

His work has impacted thousands...

Dee Eastman, Director of The Daniel Plan

A Story-Telling Master, Awesome to Work With...

Justin Daniels, CEO, Amazon Best-Selling Author

David was extremely helpful. His guidance was tremendous as was his commitment...You are such a blessing to me.

Christine Hammond, LMHC, Author "Abuse Exposed"

A Consummate Professional...

Dr. Harry Kerasidis, Neurologist