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Is a Shift Calling You?

I’m guessing there is. So often, we can feel stuck and unable to become the best we were meant to be. But if we’re listening, we can discover so many answers to life’s most perplexing questions.

If you’re wondering, “What’s next for me?” I want to help you find answers in this special Book Club Community offer.
Maybe a shift is calling in a challenging relationship, financial worry or physical ailment.
Maybe you’re searching for greater meaning and purpose in your work.
Or maybe you feel hopeless about things ever turning around in such trying times.

Introducing Shift Calling

My new book, coming soon, is designed to help you identify what shift is calling you, along with practical steps to begin experiencing the power and wonder that comes with answering the call.

You are invited to review advanced versions of the manuscript, at no charge, while plugging into a community of others also seeking to answers to the shifts calling them.

This is limited-time offer will help me, but will also help you become more effective at home, at work and in your relationships — and in whatever social cause you promote!

What is My New Book Club Community?

  • It’s people, like you, who know there’s more to life than what they’re experiencing now.
  • It’s where we can explore the principles in Shift Calling, along with my guidance.
  • It’s place where inspiration is available, so we can make the inner shifts that have greater impact on our world.
  • It is a safe place that welcomes the exploration of personal and spiritual growth.

The Beautiful Part?

It only takes a 1 degree shift to experience massive rewards!


In Shift Calling, you will learn:

  • What shift is calling you.
  • How simple shifts in your identity can begin a cascade of positive changes.
  • How shift in your perspectives, probabilities, tools and actions lead to lifelong, and compounding, effects.
  • The three key principles behind each shift, including The Expansive Principle, which I created.
  • Plus, how I answered shifts calling to give my life purpose, meaning and passion for a career I love. It’s possible for you too!

If you like The Secret, Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life or Atomic Habits, then you’ll love Shift Calling!

Who Is Your Guide?

Hello, I’m Anna.

A former fashion model, I’ve become a prominent transformation expert, educating others how to achieve harmony in our modern world by balancing spiritual fulfillment and material enjoyment. I’ve spoken to hundreds of audiences, including on the TedX red dot, but my life hasn’t always been so rosy. Born in Israel to an alcoholic family with a strict Jewish father and a submissive Swedish protestant mother, I grew up with a severe stutter, undiagnosed learning challenges, and anorexic tendencies. Although I had very low self-esteem, a major shift would transform my life and whisk me away to Paris for a 10-year career in fashion modeling.

Sounds like a dream, but it was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had. Despite this material success, I felt something was missing. So, I decided to dedicate my life to understanding what it takes to transform. What I’ve learned, I’ll share with you in Shift Calling. I have a private practice, based near Santa Rosa, California, where I live with my husband Leon.

What You Get:

Advance review material from my new book, Shift Calling.

Access to videos outlining portions from the book.

Monthly zoom sessions to discuss the material, and what you’re experiencing.

Guidance from me to help you understand the shift calling you, and how to maximize the opportunity.

The Cost: __ per month. This is a limited time offer. When the book is published in a few months, this Book Club goes away.

Click Join Anna’s Book Club and see you soon!